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Halfway convention

Please bear in mind this is all from memory so facts and order may deviate from other reports I have tried to do it as accurately as possible
Arriving into Marseille Airport we ran into our first guest at baggage reclaim was Joe Flannigan, who had been on our rather turbulent flight. Outside was Rekha with her husband who had just arrived. We politely said hello and proceeded to our hotels.

At the cocktail party we ate quickly then the guests were shown in. Dan came to our table first. He spoke to us in French (of which he was very fluent) before realising that only 1 person on our table spoke French and she was also fluent in English. He said Paul and he had been out exploring Marseille and that every time Paul would go forwards to speak to them then hesitate and get Dan to do it for him. One time he went to ask a policeman for directions and totally dwarfed them. Dan was very funny.

Rekha was very sweet. She told us about a new project she was working on called the Tasmanian devil, I asked if it was being filmed in Tasmania she laughed  and said what I funny joke I replied I wasn’t joking to which we all laughed. She told us that it wasn’t it was being filmed in Vancouver but perhaps it should be filmed in Tasmania. Then she told us about a party Robin had held, he hadn’t recognised her boyfriend when meeting today despite them meeting there although she did say he had been drinking quite a bit.

I asked Robin how he had found Melbourne, he said it was lovely the food was delicious. Amanda and Robin knew a man whose wife produced master chef who took them to a restaurant where they had had the most delicious food. The only problem is if he had stayed there he’d have been so fat. On the way to France he stopped in Singapore where he loved shopping in the designer shops apparently its extremely cheap.  We asked about the beard he was wearing he said he was liking it but when he spoke to his parents via skype they didn’t like it much. Next we discussed his new project with Amanda tapping called space milkshake, they start filming soon. A few tables on as he moved on he stood on the table and dropped his pants.

We asked Joe about his flight as we had seen him, he seemed surprised and asked if it was at the bar, we said wrong flight just the London connection, he remarked the flight was very turbulent and said some girl in the seat in front was freaking out, he had even spilt his drink.
Torri was lovely, although quite ill struggling with her voice. She told her about the train ride from Bruge and how it was nice to take it slowly. She mentioned it also meant she didn’t get searched at the airport, I joked that was normally me.  I asked if being famous ever meant she got through airport security that little bit easier. Torri replied that getting recognised was sometimes good because you got to talk to someone new but she didn’t like getting preferential treatment. She told us about a coffee shop in Toronto that did the best coffee around but the owner was funny and wouldn’t serve you if u asked for coffee in the wrong way, so it you ordered a latté you’d get milk. She went in there as a struggling actress and was panicking the owner had been really rude to her. Then she had her big break and had her face on billboards etc she went back into the coffee shop and the owner had been really nice and offered her a free coffee she turned him down and told him to give it to the next person who walked in.

Paul came to his table slinging his arm round me. We asked him about joining twitter. At first he tried to say it was to complex but then he responded only if his new series Captain Starfleet got picked up, I responded give me the DVD and I’ll pick it up simple. He also demonstrated his Beckett accent and his Glasgow accent.

Then came the group shot for VIP ultimate we had one where everyone pretended to fight then one we weren’t sure what was happening.
After we went for a drink at a local Irish bar, Joe, Paul, Robin and Dan followed.

The opening ceremony went great all the guests in good spirits.
Then came the first morning of the photo shoots, Dan Payne launched himself at me telling me just to catch. Then after we had a nice one together where we hugged. Rekha was after and she was really sweet. Torri was after and a fan had given her a spider necklace before my photo I asked if she could tuck it away before I approached. Then I said hi to Joe and had a photo with him. Next up was Paul who had trapped a nerve in his shoulder we were warned not to touch it. Robin was last and suggested we both scream we did and made everyone jump.  During Joe and Torri’s double photo as a joke a wraith ran in Torri screamed and jump while Joe didn’t even flinch, the Wraith then ran over and knocked the background over hitting Joe, after rescuing him and repairing the set the photo shoot continued on.

Then was the first panel, Joe, Torri and Paul. They were asked about aliens Paul pointed at Joe, Joe pointed at Paul. Torri admitted that when she began working in America she had to get her visa, so now legally she has written on it alien of extraordinary abilities.  They all said it would be ignorant of people not to believe aliens were out there somewhere.  Torri was asked if she would like to be in Sanctuary, she said she would love to they just had to call. Joe said Paul used more hair products Paul responded Joe had someone follow him around the set with a mirror called McKay.

Paul said that with Atlantis they had a huge base and no bar he would have liked to see somewhere the characters could have chilled out Joe revealed there was it was in his trailer Paul just wasn’t invited.

Joe told us how much he loved France he spent a year studying and although he didn’t spend a year studying as hard as she should had, Paul responded that he had seen a couple of French kids looking around that look like Joe. Joe said he had 3 sons that he knew off.
A fan asked who was their favourite SGA commander Carter or Weir? Joe immediately said with Torri there he was going to say Torri. He expanded saying the character of Weir was great in theory a diplomat but once in Atlantis the writers didn’t know what to do with the character, she rarely got to use that skill set that she was meant to have. Torri agreed saying they missed some really nice character points such as having Teyla teach Weir self-defence and she would have liked to see more of that friendship.

On the subject of favourite episode Joe said Sunday, to which Paul was like hey. Torri said any episode where she got to bring her dog in or Long Goodbye as she enjoyed the fight scenes. Paul said he liked the pilot best and went on to tell us that when they were doing the read through without David as ironically he hadn’t been cast as he came to reading is Beckett lines he put on his Scottish accent he said everyone but especially Joe was really surprised. One of the most interesting episodes was Enamoured with Lucias as it was fun to see everyone acting so different especially Torri.

Paul grew up as a trekkie whereas Torri loved westerns.
Joe said that he was disappointed they never went to a planet of naked women he thinks it would have made an interesting episode. Torri said she wanted a whole island of men until Joe pointed out that there had been it was called Atlantis.
Joe also said he felt at the end that he felt they started to recycle ideas and that it had never ended as landing on earth really could have opened a lot of new story ideas.

Paul was asked about the kiss between him and David. He said that he had read the script and after Martin came over and asked what he thought about it Paul was like horrified but asked what does David think about it, Martin said David was cool because you were friends, then went to see David who apparently was also horrified and asked what Paul thought Martin said oh yeah he is cool because you two are friends. Joe said it had taken them lots of practising, Paul replied David had sandpaper lips, Joe then said he had seen them practicing. Paul says he still has the restraining order but it was actually the first guy on guy kiss in scifi which he thinks is pretty cool.

I asked them about their party tricks, Joe said his was drinking, Paul demonstrated some magic, and Torri said her tricks could only be done at parties.
When asked who they would have liked to have be as a character Torri said Teal’c, Paul misheard the question and said he’d do Teyla cus she was hot. Joe corrected him, Paul said that he would be Joe as he got all the cool action scenes. Joe said he would be Torri as she only had to film one day a week.

Torri then had to pop of stage for a toilet break automatically Joe and Paul began
“So the worst thing about Torri is” and began whispering.
Someone asked what they would have liked to see Atlantis do before it ended, Torri said bring back Weir and give her a proper goodbye.  Joe said Paul would like to kiss David again to which Paul said he would give him a Glasgow kiss which is a head butt. Joe would like to see more of Atlantis as they had this amazing city and they explored very little of it. Joe also said he felt that the background of the character of Shepard had never been explored only in Outcast in which he had helped write.

They were asked what they had thought of Universe, Paul said that SG1 and SGA were on at the same time but SGU started as SGA finished so they were alone and much darker. Torri said she loved it as it was very character driven which on SGA they were fighting  for. Joe said watching SGU fail was bittersweet as its not nice watching talent actors fail but as it was given 2 seasons at Atlantis’s expense he felt it proved that if a show is working why cancel it for something new. He felt TPTB ignored the fans and it was there downfall. Plus in SGU Stargate loses its humour which is the core of Stargate.

Next was the Robin Dan and Rekha panel.

Robin apologised in advance to any young children and warned them he was a very bad man. Robin was very amused at the translator asking if she had to everything she responded it was her job then Robin began swearing, she refused to translate and Robin ranted how she wasn’t doing her job. Then as she translated he yelled hey I didn’t say that.

Then Robin posed a question, what was it like working on Sanctuary. Rekha and Dan both began complimenting brilliant, fabulous, amazing, Robin interrupted like working with George Clooney, to which they both agreed. Robin said Rekha’s episode was especially hard due to the way it was filmed with long shoots with lots of lines. Whereas Dan has actually played 5 characters on Sanctuary from Biggie to a werewolf.
I then asked Robin to sing which he did pretty good he sang OH Mandy and dedicated it to his co-worker Amanda.

Robin sees himself as the Hans Solo of the Sanctuary, Amanda would be Princess Leia, he says she looks hot in the bikini, he then said he had lent it to her. Biggie is obviously Chewbacca and Henry is R2D2.

Robin then recited the story of Holden McPhillips, a joke he played on Martin in which he pretended to be an elderly man. He sent him lots of really insane scripts and then a crazy bunch of flowers. that’s when he realised that Martin was really scared of this man so sent him a note saying Holden would meet him at SDCC. At SDCC 2 days later martin even checked in under a fake name, so just before the panel Amanda (as the whole crew were in on it) tells Martin Holdens here and the colour drains from his face. Amanda reassures him that’s it’s just an elderly man so Martin opens the door to see Robin who is like im sorry really sorry.

Rehka was asked whether she knew she was going to be cyclon. She said no but she was given the script and took it home when she read she was a cyclon she screamed and ran down the corridor yelling I’m going to be a cyclone but ssh because you’re not meant to know.
Robin was asked about the comic con photo Amanda tweeted in which Robin was half naked as to whether he was having an affair with Amanda. Robin denied it doing a Bill Clinton impression I did not have sexual relations with Amanda Tapping.  Someone yelled where was the dress Robin replied stained, wait not like that I was by myself, Dan mimed digging.

Dan was asked who would win in a fight himself or Jason, Dan said the fight would be messy Robin added especially in dresses. Dan said they’d be lots of girly screaming but he would kick Jason’s ass and pull his hair.

They were asked what was they’re most touching moment in Sanctuary. Dan said all the touching he did in Sanctuary was hitting. Rekha said she was really mean to her camera man but she had a nice scene with Henry. Robin asked her how long it had taken for the rash to go down.  Robin said everyday was touching how the cast work together

Weirdest role Robin said was being himself every day, Rekha said it was being a lizard, and Dan said it was being an 8 and ½ foot polar bear, especially when he asked when he was meant to pee, they told him his assistant would have to help him.

Robin said the season 4 of Sanctuary was the best yet but he really meant it this year as it has shocking stuff in it, Magnus has a plan that she can’t tell Will and it makes no sense until the end of the season. They also have the musical episode but its more to do with the tones you sing in so it’s not glee and Robin got to direct an episode that shows more of Wills background.

Robin then said he would like to hire a translator to follow him asking for Guinness in different languages.

Next a fan asked the most inappropriate question I have ever heard. They said that Robin worked with Amanda and she was very beautiful woman did Robin find that when he got home he masturbated over her. Robin was understandably very shocked but answered. Robin explained that Amanda was a very talented actress, director who had worked very hard and really set the mood on Sanctuary as a family and not as us and them set. He said he respected Amanda more than he could say and no he hadn’t.

Paul did a panel and aired the pilot of Captain Starship which is a funny show, that appears fairly fan orientated, they had some really great ideas and it does seem quite a promising show.

Paul also said his character on Sanctuary was the most misunderstood and he actually had a crush on Magnus and couldn’t express himself properly.  Paul also said he didn’t see Robin much on the set as Robin was in dance rehearsal. Robin said that he never watched himself back unless at a screening and Paul agreed as once you are done then you are done.

Next up was the autographs, Joe was rather quiet and seemed fairly fed up, Paul asked where I had come from I said Nottingham he said he had been to Nottingham I replied and you didn’t even come over for a cup of tea he said he had drank in the church and the caves pub. He asked what I had thought of Captain Starship. After was Torri I said her dog was pretty cute but my dogs were better, she was like no way I’m sure yours are cute but mine are better at the bonus autograph I showed her photos and she showed me her dog. We both agreed that the others was cute but ours was the best,  next time I warned her I would beat her, she told me to bring it. Dan and I discussed photos as in one of them he is getting punched by Jason, I laughed. Robin looked at the photo and said wow it looks like we are travelling through space I laughed and said you don’t remember he said well of course I do. Rekha said hi and how was I finding it, I said it was good but couldn’t believe some of the inappropriateness of some of the questions she agreed.

The next day, poor Torri had really lost her voice of course it didn’t help when the microphone wasn’t turned on, Joe was more than willing to help, so started saying I think Joe’s really talented and amazing…

Joe then told us about getting Jonny Cash singing in Vegas telling his estate telling them that Jonny would be the first singer in space.
Paul spoke about how he read for the part of Scottie and although he didn’t get it there was such a buzz from fans the producers offered him the smaller part.

They all said they wished Rainbow had come back and Ford’s death could have been done justice. Joe said for weeks before Pauls death they’d all mime an exploding tumour.

Joe was asked about his role in fringe he said he took the job as it was a successful show that paid well and he was told there was a possibility it would be a recurring character, he said it was a very humbling experience as he had to play his own dead body. Gave him and ego check.
The guests were then asked if there was anything they wouldn’t do Joe said he would never kiss another man on screen, but seriously he wouldn’t do anything he wouldn’t want his boys to watch even if it wasn’t for a few years. He then joked that Torri would do anything. Paul agreed saying you had to be able to live with your decisions, Torri added she turned down an advert for a drug once because she didn’t agree with the ethos of it.

Joe got asked if he would do NCIS like Torri did. Joe said he had actually been offered a part but he wanted a reoccurring part they said they would keep him in mind and that was 4 years ago.

Joe and Torri got asked about their relationship on SGA. Joe said Tori was very sexual but it would have undermined her authority to have an affair with him as they weren’t equal she was his superior. Torri said Weir definitely had a mad crush on Sheppard but couldn’t do it to herself or him. Instead she packed lots of batteries. Paul laughed and joked that generator outage was now explained. Joe joked that was what had drained the ZPM.

Joe was the asked about the skull on his t-shirt. It was a replica print of the one Damian hurst did. It was actually a real skull that he imprinted with diamonds and sold it for 25million.  

The next panel was Dan and Rekha,
Dan explained he gave up professional volleyball as he found the impact on his body to hard going but he still wanted the buzz of performing so tried acting. The lead role he would have loved would be toy story or legends of the fall as Brad Pitt. Rehka said Cat on a hot tin roof or inland Empire. When asked about practical jokes on set Dan said once he was in this really intense film so to lighten the mood he swapped clothes with a female actress and they did the whole scene in drag. Rehka said that in the episode after they’ve just left the planet after Gaius Balter loses his presidency there moving his things out including a painting and she manages to hit herself on the head with it and they continued the scene. Dan said once in the muppet movie they have little alleys under the stage where the puppets go, he was walking with an actress and he can’t walk and talk at the same time so he fell down one of the alleys he said the annoying thing was both he and the actress managed to continue but they had to stop because the puppeteers were laughing to hard.

Dan then decided to try and crowd surf and pretended to jump right in front of me I admit I screamed pretty loud.
Rekha told us she doesn’t like playing bad characters or good characters but those are conflicted as that is what makes it interesting.
They were asked what they did in between takes, Dan responded were actors we are insecure we sit and worry about what we have done or where we are meant to be. Rekha laughed and said that was the best answer she had ever heard. Dan said that some actors spend most the time on the phone like Joe who would literally hang up as they called action. Rekha said that on battlestar Edward was on the phone hid it did the scene then resumed his conversation. Dan said once he had been reading and sometimes the actor you were in the scene with stops and runs the lines with you but the most senior goes first and some just leave so you get someone junior reading from the script. He said once the actor who he was reading with did it on the phone so he said cut, look douchebag hang up let’s do this you’re getting paid to do it. The actor replied you can’t talk to me like that to which Dan replied I just did, roll it.

Dan said one of the best things he did was smile like April as it was a small set with Torri Higginson and they had a great connection and he got to kiss her and she kisses good.

Rekha said that throughout her lfie she debated being an actress or a painter she went to fine art school and didn’t like it she figured painters always starved but actors eat sometimes and she liked food. Dan asked Rekha if she liked to paint nude she glared at him. She said that after quiting fine art school she travelled around India for a year.

Dan got asked about the Vancouver riots, he said there are idiots everywhere in this instant the idiots riled up people who wouldn’t normally get involved got into the frenzy. He said he was more proud of the way afterwards Vancouver came together and cleaned the city up.
Dan also talked about is film the Molligans in which a dad finds out he is gay and fancies his sons best friend he said it taught him a lot about himself and provided a challenge to play. Dan likes roles with integrity even if they’re evil. Rehka wouldn’t do anything unethicalshe likes to think all her roles teach humanity even if it’s a lesson not to repeat.

Dan screen his new web show divine the series, this looks awesome I would really recommend that you watch it.
Robin then came on saying that Marseille was an amazing place and he had just been sat in a café for the last hour enjoying  the place said if he stayed any longer he’d look like Jabba the hut. He was asked about the dance and said he remembered nothing but he did want to try include the running man in it but his dance teacher refused. Then he argued with the translator who was moving the cord so he couldn’t trip telling her to leave his cord alone. Someone asked if there was a bit of Will in Henry, Robin responded it wasn’t that type of show that’s what fanfic is for. He sees Will as devilishly handsome, smart, and commits but Will’s hair annoys him. Initially he said will was very analytical and he actually spoke to Damian about Will’s list like way of speaking. He said Will was just very anal but not in that way…

Robin was then asked about his ok English accent, he seemed shocked that we didn’t think it was fully authentic, he repeated his impression of the man from Kent then said he didn’t know why he said Kent it wasn’t personal to the people of Kent. Robin said he always took the mickey out of Robert Lawson or Bart Law for his English accent but as he was from Blackpool it was very hard to replicate. He said the best way to sound English was to say the word bum.

Then a mystery voice came over the microphone Robin Dunne meet me in the main room Robin got on his knees and yelled GOD is talking to me

Robin then told us about how the writers tortured him but when they do he goes to Martin and acts out this Mexican character called ElaCardro and says Mr Martian why do I have to go in water my toes get cold. They’ve killed Robin twice, he thinks that as the only non- abnormal they see it as their job to torture him.

The voice of God (Dan) then came back on, Robin found out it was it was Dan who then joined him on stage.
Dan asked Robin if he was that big, Robin replied he was small and scrawny then said they were discussing his ego.
Robin then mentioned at SDCC he’d mentioned he wanted his abnormality to be invisible Martin had piped up that they could make it happen. Now he’d love slinky hands or pogo feet so he could amused himself all day, he said it had many pro’s the only downside is going to the toilet. At us laughing he said we were very dirty.

Somehow they got onto the subject of fingers and bums and discovered that Robin Dunne rhymes with finger up the bum then in comes Dan Payne. Apparently on your own finger it doesn’t taste as good how Robin knows I don’t want to think.
We asked Robin to drop his pants but he refused as Mr finger up the bum was standing near.

Then music began to play an Robin was made to do the Kali dance even funnier was Dan’s reaction as he had no clue what was going on.
Back outside in the autograph queue I met Torri again. I showed her some puppy photos and she showed me hers I was very impressed she had remembered my name. She said Ella was cute but still thought Sedgey won. I disagreed we agreed on taking more photos and having a rematch soon time soon.

Sadly then it was time for the final ceremony all guests barring Joe wasn’t there as apparently he had a flight and had to leave at 4am. We all admired Dan’s ass, and Paul did his Dan Payne impression whilst standing on a chair it was very funny.


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Nov. 2nd, 2011 09:32 pm (UTC)
AWESOME! I really like the report from the cocktail party, as I didn't remember half of what happened in our table :P Huzzah!

-Kate (stargate_barbie)
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